Horsepower Innovations Product info and updates

(updated 1/15/2015)


1/15/2015 UPDATE:   Exciting news for our business!

We have moved from our old location to a much larger property!  We are beginning the process of building a new 2000 square foot facility that we expect to be complete by June 2015.  In the mean time please make sure that you contact us for our new address before shipping any carburetors for work.  

Our email address has also changed -- please click the email us link on the left side of this page to see it.  Our old email address will become inactive in the very near future.  Thank you for your patience while we grow and make changes to better serve you.

Boost Referenced Power Valve

1/15/2015 update:  Our very own boost referenced power valve is now available with new carb purchases or blow through conversions. This valve has been available for 3 years now and has been recently updated to a stainless steel main body and increased max flow capicatity. 

It provides regulation of enrichment fuel based on boost pressure.  This allows leaner mixtures at lower boost levels for better throttle response (especially turbocharged vehicles) while allowing full enrichment at higher boost levels.  Other BRPVs tend to be "all or nothing" and either overfuel at low boost or underfuel at high boost. Installation is only slightly more complex than a standard Holley power valve. 


Update 7/1/2012:  Our newest carb is here!  Using Holley's newest Ultra HP aluminum main body and bowls combined with our long-awaited e85 metering blocks this carb features significant weight reduction over traditional zinc castings, externally adjustable fuel curve, larger capacity float bowls and many other features.  


5/29/2012 update:  Ultra HP main bodies and bowls are here.  The newest features in Holley's new Ultra HP line are now available through Horsepower Innovations in an E85 carburetor.  

Holley's bowls and bodies are now diecast aluminum for a significant weight savings over the old zinc castings.  Our own high quality e85 metering blocks are CNC machined in the USA from 6061 billet and feature externally adjustable idle and wide open fuel curves.  The entire carburetor will be available anodized for excellent corrosion resistance.  

These carburetors will be available beginning July 1 with our new proprietary e85 metering blocks.  We will begin taking orders on Monday June 18.