Horsepower Innovations Product info and updates

(updated 7/1/2012)


Update 7/1/2012:  Our newest carb is here!  Using Holley's newest Ultra HP aluminum main body and bowls combined with our long-awaited e85 metering blocks this carb features significant weight reduction over traditional zinc castings, externally adjustable fuel curve, larger capacity float bowls and many other features.  


6/9/12 update: Pic below -- the first few CNC metering blocks ready for clean and test after anodizing. 


5/29/2012 update:  Ultra HP main bodies and bowls are here.  The newest features in Holley's new Ultra HP line are now available through Horsepower Innovations in an E85 carburetor.  

Holley's bowls and bodies are now diecast aluminum for a significant weight savings over the old zinc castings.  Our own high quality e85 metering blocks are CNC machined in the USA from 6061 billet and feature externally adjustable idle and wide open fuel curves.  The entire carburetor will be available anodized for excellent corrosion resistance.  

These carburetors will be available beginning July 1 with our new proprietary e85 metering blocks.  We will begin taking orders on Monday June 18.

New E85 metering block on the way for 2012! 

5/29/2012 update: Our metering blocks are finally done!  We are currently working hard on finalizing tuneups for our entire carburetor line.  Our 1050 Dominator and HP1000 tunes are nearly done (25 1/4 mile passes and three races completed on the Dominator!) and these blocks have performed excellent.  We expect the rest of our Naturally aspirated and roots blower applications to be ready July 1st.   

Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to releasing our own E85 designed metering block (sneak peak picture above) These blocks will be available as upgrades to our existing new carburetor line at the time of purchase and as upgrades for our current E85 carburetor owners.  Due to modifications required to the main body, carb upgrades to these new metering blocks will only be done in house. 

These metering blocks are a "clean sheet" CAD design -- specifically designed for E85. While they accept Holley hardware and use Holley gaskets they are completely different than anything else on the market.  They feature a 3rd circuit that is externally adjustable (similar to an idle mixture screw) along with a replaceable fuel jet and air bleed that is built right into the metering block.  This feature will allow fine tuning throughout the RPM band without opening the carburetor.

Passageways are sized optimally for E85 fuel in order to take advantage of this fuel's unique characteristics.  This metering block configuration makes more horsepower than any other block or configuration we have tested, stay tuned for updates as we ramp up to produce these high quality billet CNC E85 blocks.


New Boost Referenced Power Valve

5/29/2012 update:  Our very own boost referenced power valve is now available with new carb purchases or blow through conversions. Due to the limited quantities of valves we are currently not selling these valves outright.

This valve is the next generation power valve for our E85 blow through carburetors.  This valve will has a more compact profile than our previous BRPV allowing easier installation into single needle and seat float bowls. 

It provides regulation of enrichment fuel based on boost pressure.  This allows leaner mixtures at lower boost levels for better throttle response (especially turbocharged vehicles) while allowing full enrichment at higher boost levels.  Other BRPVs tend to be "all or nothing" and either overfuel at low boost or underfuel at high boost.

We expect this BRPV to be available as an upgrade for existing customers as well as new HPI customers.  Installation is only slightly more complex than a standard Holley power valve.