Horsepower Innovations Product info and updates

(updated 1/23/2017)


1/1/2017 UPDATE:   Exciting news for our business!

We are fully moved into our new facility and are enjoying the extra space.  The exterior of our new 2000 square foot facility was completed in fall of 2015 and while some details remain on the inside we are fully up and running.  Thank you for your business which has allowed us to grow and build this building. 

Gen 2 Boost Referenced Power Valve

1/1/2017 update:  We have updated our proven stainless steel, diaphragm free boost referenced power valve.  The valve now incorporates an changeable metering orifice that replaces the PVCRs behind the power valve.  The metering orifices can be changed without removing the power valve from the metering block by removing a snap ring in the nose.  Metering orifices from 1/16" (same area as 4x .032" PVCRs) up to .325" (same area as 4x .160" PVCRs).  

These valves will be available for purchase separate from carb and conversion purchases.  For pricing please call.  We can help you select correct spring and metering orifices for your application.  


Update 1/15/2017:  We are now offering a new high flow 4150 and high flow 4500 carburetors for classes that require a single carb or if you just like to stick to a single carb.  

The 4150 carb flows in excess of 1100 cfm on our stingy flowbench and fits a standard 4150 open plenum intake manifold.  The carb features our externally adjustable 3 circuit metering blocks and is based on a heavily modified Holley XP aluminum main body and billet base plate.  

The Dominator carb is based on a 2.5" throttle blade aftermarket body and also features our 3 circuit, externally adjustable metering blocks.  These carbs have tested very favorably on the dyno against other e85 carbs so if you need a big single 1450 cfm Dominator, this is the way to go!