Tech article #5 (added 2/10/2017)

"Detonation, Pre-ignition, and the Danger of a Hot Spark Plug in an Ethanol Fuel Racing Application"

This article specifically addresses spark plug heat range selection in the context of ethanol fuels in a racing application.  It explains the differences between detonation and pre-ignition and how they exhibit differently with ethanol based fuels.


Tech article #4 

"The Facts About e85 Kits and Conversions"

This article explains the in's-and-out's of e85 kits and conversions.  It includes typical questions to ask your builder before committing to a conversion and explains the pros and cons of current e85 conversion kits on the market.  



Tech Article No. 3   

This file is a chart that shows stoichiometric ratios of ethanol, gasoline, and various E85 blends.  It also gives target tune numbers for different engine operating conditions.  Your specific engine/chassis combo may want something slightly different -- this is a guideline only intended to help get you in the ballpark.


Tech Article No. 2  

E85 materials compatibility.  This article explains the effects of ethanol / E85 on common race parts and our recommendations on how to deal with the unique characteristics of ethanol blend race fuels.  Includes answers to FAQs about fuel cells, storage, and other related questions.


Tech Article No. 1 

This article provides tuning guidance for tuning Horsepower Innovations E85 carburetors.  It explains how to adjust for any seasonal variance in E85 blends using jetting, idle feed restrictors, bleeds and accelerator pumps.