N2O Services

Let the E85 specialists set up your N2O system for E85.  We use digital timing system and digital scales to accurately tune your nitrous system for use with E85 as enrichment fuel.  We provide a flow sheet indicating correct jetting, fuel pressure, and nitrous pressure for each horsepower level.  We check for leaks and proper solenoid operation.  We supply jets and perform any necessary modifications to the N2O plate.  Repair parts are not included.

  • Flow N2O plate system. 
    • Setup and first tuneup $149.95.
    • Each additional tuneup / HP level $49.95.  
    • Free return shipping when 3 or more tuneup are purchased.
  • Flow N2O fogger system.  
    • Setup and first tuneup $189.95.
    • Each additional tuneup / HP level $69.95.  
    • Free return shipping when 3 or more tuneups / horsepower levels are purchased.
  • Flow fogger + plate or multi-stage N2O system.
    • Call for pricing

Carburetor services

Need custom work done on your E85 carburetor?  We can expertly install E85 boosters, mill choke horns, modify metering blocks, set up for blow through, freshen up or whatever other work you need to make your race carb a top notch piece.  Below are some of the services we offer, please call us before shipping your carburetor and for final pricing.

  • Install Downleg boosters for 4150 series Holley carbs.  Horsepower Innovations custom downleg boosters, application specific.  
    • $80 installed
  • Install Annular boosters for 4150 or 4500 series Holley carbs.  Horsepower Innovations custom annular boosters, application specific.  
    • $110 installed
  • Mill choke horn on 4150 or 4160 series Holley carbs.  Set up on a special jig, milled, and hand deburred.  Air bleeds removed and tapped for adjustable (Holley or set screw type).  
    • $85 complete with set screw type bleeds
  • Modify metering blocks for E85.  Resize main well, exit channels, and other required passages for E85. All metering orifices (IFR, PVCR, emulsion holes) threaded for adjustable set screw inserts.  Hand debur, clean and install new well plugs.  
    • $125 complete with set screw type restrictors.
  • Flow carburetor.  We realign boosters and index the throttle plates for maximum flow and best booster signal.   Before and after flow numbers provided to customer.  
    • $50 complete with spec sheet

Blow-through Carb Specialty Services


  • Dual Needle and Seat float bowls.  These ProSeries dual needle and seat bowls support up to 1800HP on E85 in a blow through application.  We perform modifications to these bowls to reduce the effects of fuel slosh due to the extremely hard launch you would expect in a high horsepower blown drag car.
    • $525 pair.  Assembled complete with bowl screws, floats, and .130 Needle & Seat assemblies.
  • Boost referenced power valve.  This new boost referenced power valve provides progressive enrichment proportional to boost pressure.  Clears floats in both dual needle/seat and standard single needle/seat float bowls.  Minor modification to main body required.
    • $125  *** NOT AVAILABLE YET ***  (estimate availability in March 2012)

Custom Work

We have the expertise and equipment to do just about any carburetor work you may need.  Please call with your specific request and we will discuss pricing, time frame, and practicality of doing the work.  We use proper jigs and fixtures for all our machining so you can expect accurate, professional work.