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Hi Eric,

It’s late in coming, but I wanted to thank you for thank you for the ultra hp1000 carb you built for our truck.  We just took it out of the box, installed it, and dumped in some E85, and went to the track.  On the first test outing, we picked up almost ½ second over our gas carb.  On our second outing, the truck was so repeatable, we WON our local 7.50 index class.  That is without touching one screw on the carb.

Thanks again for providing us with a repeatable carb, that picked up horsepower, at a price that’s hard to beat.

Big Ricky





Congratulations to Al Bruischart for what may be the biggest comeback in my recent racing memory.  In the fall of 2011 Allen was competing at the Bracket Finals in Martin, Michigan when he got a good bit more "air" under the front wheels than expected.  The car hit the rear bumper and made a hard turn to the right.  Al corrected, but the car shot left across the center line and impacted the left retaining wall nearly head-on.  The car was essentially totalled with everything in front of the firewall severely damaged.  Fortunately no one was hurt (and his carb survived the wreck as well).  


Al didn't let the hard luck keep him down though and solicited the help of Matt Tomlinson who grafted the entire front end of a donor Duster onto his car over the winter.  The body work came out great and other than the addition of wheelie bars I cannot tell the difference.  The best part . . . Al won our Memorial Day $2k race and has placed in money rounds a few times this season.  

Congrats and job well done!  Hopefully that $2k helps offset some of that repair expense!